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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Alliance Submissions Done

I've been busy on Twitter lamenting the fact that I'm staying back at home while so many of my #highered colleagues and friends travel west to San Francisco or south to Orlando for Oracle Open World and EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. It has been 7 years since I failed to attend either of the marquee events for people who do what I do. It was the right call, given all that's happening at work, but that doesn't change the feeling of loss -- that I'm going to miss something earth-shaking or simply valuable. Twitter is a tool, but it's hard enough to keep up when you're sitting in sessions furiously refreshing while trying to listen to the speakers...

So I went ahead and started thinking ahead to my next big conference -- the Higher Education User Group's Alliance Conference in March -- and I wrote up my compulsory two proposals. My team will surely submit more substantive ones on the Campus Solutions modules, but I thought the two most important topics for me to present on would be User Experience (UX) and Agile for SIS. We'll see if the selection committee agrees.


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