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Monday, July 30, 2012

The New OBIEE Sample App

I love these sample application images for Oracle Business Intelligence. Although the cynical side of me sees Oracle’s every move as a sales tactic, I don’t think the typical individual running VirtualBox and experimenting with Oracle R Enterprise integration with OBIEE makes purchasing decisions… So I am going to choose to look at these images as awesome showcases for features and capabilities – it must be a fun job to configure these samples!

The new one for OBIEE BP1 was released last week to the Oracle Technology Network and I just started monkeying around with it. Just take a look at this screenshot from the "What’s New" document:

Before talking about all that red text – the added features since the last image – just consider how much content is here: an illustration, complete with textual guidance, for every use case a BI developer could possibly think of (within reason). And plenty of examples some of us never would have imagined.

There is a lot here – I would literally need two weeks off to decipher and understand every bell and whistle. (To think I was proud of myself for modeling Essbase into the RPD last week!) But I am glad to have the option to try... The advanced visualizations are far from what my organization is ready for; I can’t let some people around here see these or they might get scared off! In some ways, these displays of might stand in contrast to Oracle BI’s selling points of simplicity and ease.

But I’m definitely going to have to try and replicate the JavaScript WordCloud visualization! That is just too damn cool...

The VirtualBox Image can be downloaded here.

(Just make sure you have a solid connection and plenty of hard drive space; the files are very large...)

Will be back soon with some more specific illustrations; I have a treasure trove of OBIEE content to publish but have not been on my blog game!

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