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Monday, December 3, 2012

Tactical Takeaways from EDUCAUSE 2012

With limited context, here are some nuggets from the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference last month...

An excellent hands-on exercise for project management, requirements definition, teamwork, and more... The Bridge Game: http://thebridgegame.com The kit isn't cheap ($600), but I hope to find a way to buy my own kit for use here at my institution. Kudos to the ITSM and PMO teams from The George Washington University for their half-day seminar!

Who needs another four-box visual? Not me, but I liked this one from the U.S. Dept of Ed... http://t.co/jFSDGKfY Aim for scale and impact.

How about a tool to manage user input and ideas? http://www.ideascale.com Learned a lot from Davenport University's implementation. Also learned that a lot of people fear ideas.

Case Western Reserve reorganized their IT team around core functions of Design, Build, and Run. The concept (in paraphrase): these require different skills and we often ask people to play in all three when they might be most effective/happy with tighter focus.

"We can ruin a project really quickly by talking it to death."

From excellent talk from Virginia Tech CIO emeritus Earving Blythe: key skills for IT from liberal arts education: ability to analyze, organize and synthesize, use of precise language, commitment to continuous learning. Also... response to Internet value proposition 20 years ago: "Now why would I want to do that?" And finally: base important decisions on "more than one sample."


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