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Sunday, September 28, 2014

8 Weeks to Go

The intensity level around my office has gone through the roof since September 1st and the launch of our agile-defying systems integration testing phase ahead of our planned November 24th launch of the first phase of Harvard's launch of Oracle's PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Every morning, the entire team crowds our too-small conference room for a fifteen-minute report from each product owner on the progress made in their teams the prior day, activities planned for today, and their current impediments (if any). The daily meeting sets the tone for the day and has proven an efficient path not only for resolving cross-team blocking issues, but for bringing those of us on the periphery up to speed.

We are facing the usual litany of issues, but rallying around them for quick resolution. I always marvel at how easy it seems to be to solve hard problems when faced with acute time pressures. If someone could only crack the nut of achieving that same level of sharpness and efficiency before it's almost too late...

Now we are counting down in single digits. 8 weeks until we flip the switch. 6 weeks until we make the call on whether we're ready. A thousand test scenarios to run through between now and then!


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