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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Embarassed by Inaction

Although I should be used to this by now (and have totally done this to others) it is always a bit strange to meet people -- candidates for jobs, sales people from software or services companies, friends of friends -- who remark off-hand that they've "looked at your site." And then I always cringe, because not everything I've ever posted is exactly a work of art. (This post: a splendid example). Then I go to my website and realize that I really haven't posted a single blog since January! How embarrassing is that?!?

[Digression: And to think I set a resolution for 52 posts this year. Methinks that resolution doth fail. And to think I'm so well (seriously) with the others... But that's a story for December 31st.]

Reflecting on this sad inaction, I marvel at the supermen and superwomen who squeeze an active online presence or write books along with a million other things: graduate degrees, marathons, day jobs, housework, raising children -- all at once, without breaking a sweat. I play the superman role as much as I can, but some things don't make the cut; for me this blog seems to be one victim to reality.

BUT WAIT! As I seem to do about every six months, going to try another injection of energy... for at least a few days.


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