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Sunday, December 1, 2013

On Twitter

Friends know that I'm a big fan of Twitter -- it is the only way that I can stay current with trends across my industry and announcements from vendors, it is my primary news source during the week, and it has proven a powerful means of building a professional network. I don't use Twitter for entertainment (or at least not primarily) -- the only celebrity I follow is @StephenAtHome. It isn't that I doubt the utility of Twitter for more frivolous purpose, just that I don't have enough personal bandwidth for anything other than one Twitter persona and theme.

What I find interesting is how little traction Twitter seems to have gained within people at my office, friends around town, college classmates -- all those "real" people I interact with off-line. There may be 50M Twitter users in the United States (at least according to this article from Business Insider) but very few people in my real life are users. And what surprises me even more is these aren't technophobes, but IT professionals, business consultants, and other highly educated people with smart phones and tablets. They "just don't get it" and while they may listen to my protestations for how valuable Twitter has proven in my professional life, they aren't buying. Even in rooms where I might successfully evangelize any number of other things, the value of 140-letter posts into the ether is a lost cause.

I'm not sure what this means -- except it tells me to avoid investing in the newly minted stock... So I'll just keep on getting the value I get from the many-millions minority and stop trying to convince my friends to join me!


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