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Sunday, November 10, 2013

15th Year Harvard Report

I have procrastinated long enough; there is now less than one week left to submit my entry for the Fifteenth Anniversary Report for the Harvard and Radcliffe Class of 1999...

This is surreal on many fronts. Seriously, can it have been fifteen years? Fuck me, we’re old.

The personal essay prompt doesn’t help. It asks for a statement on "whatever you would like to say with reasonable brevity about yourself, your family, and our quarter century." I like the phrase 'reasonable brevity'; that last phrase 'quarter century' makes me feel about ten years older than necessary… Last I checked, 15 years is only 60% of a quarter century. Which makes me feel a little younger, I guess?

What’s happened over the last five years? Think quickly and list five things:
  • Adventures with Keryn
  • All things Eliot
  • Trips to Switzerland, France, Puerto Rico
  • Leaving the Back Bay for Cambridge and then moving "all the way" to Arlington
  • Working way too much but learning a lot
So there you go, right? Should be a snap to write an essay on those topics. Except the essay is not some ephemeral pfft on my blog read by the maximum of my 400 Twitter followers (of whom 200 are probably fake, if conventional wisdom applies). No, it becomes part of the permanent alumni red book record and there’s the potential for 1600 people, most of them belonging to far more accomplished people--physicians, scientists, novelists, entrepreneurs, scions, hedge fund multi-millionaires--to read whatever I write about my life. And then it sets the agenda for a hundred 30-second conversations at the reunion in May/June. One must get it right! Talk about pressure... More pressure than any essay I ever wrote in four years at the College!


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