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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back to the Blog

Wow, four months since my last blog... Those were simpler times, getting ready for HEUG Alliance 2013, watching the team stabilize EBS Release 12, dabbling with OBIEE (even getting my fingers on the keyboard to code a few Answers of my own), selling projects. And since then things have been dull, boring and dull.

It's not like we shopped for and closed on our first condo in a whirlwind. I may or may not have pulled off three presentations in three days on three mismatched topics in Indianapolis for Alliance 2013. And there is no way that I presented to the chief administrative officers at each of Harvard's schools in one week crammed between business trips. Or that I negotiated five contracts with Oracle (including Exalytics!) and made a one-day trek to Redwood Shores to finalize the details. Or decided to make a life-changing move to take the reins for Harvard's student information system program, which promises to transform many aspects of the faculty, student, and administrator experience, especially for cross-discipline teaching and learning.

No, if any of that had happened, surely I would have blogged about it, right?


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