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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oracle Open World Teaser

I am excited (and terribly nervous) to be presenting this year for the first time at Oracle Open World. Exactly one month from today (October 6th) at 10:30 a.m. I will be standing (slightly trembling) at the front of Moscone West 3024 with a colleague from Huron Consulting Group to talk about our implementation of Oracle iProcurement here at the university. According to the abstract, this is what we will be talking about (the PowerPoint remains a work in progress):

"Learn about Harvard's recent deployment of Oracle iProcurement. Replacing a homegrown payment voucher system integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite, the project tightened controls while providing direct access to hundreds of suppliers, streamlining operations, shortening cycles, and saving the university millions of dollars. In this session, Harvard presents deployment strategies and lessons learned, technical details of integration between Oracle E-Business Suite and third-party content providers and suppliers (including e-invoicing), and an overview of how Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition helped diagnose process bottlenecks and achieve key performance indicators for operations and cost savings."

The Harvard Gazette published an article this week on the implementation’s impact from a business standpoint; the PDF can be found here (search inside for “HCOM”).

The purpose of my Open World presentation is to tell the same story from the IT and project management point-of-view—how we configured Oracle E-Business Suite, integrated with SciQuest HigherMarkets, deployed the system in a series of overlapping waves, and managed substantial change management challenges along the way. We also plan to show how we have utilized Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis and Essbase to analyze the success of our deployment and change management strategies and support the talking points about cost savings and efficiency cited in the Gazette article.

We are aggressively fine-tuning our story and trying to make the presentation as handsome as a couple of non-graphical designers can. Whether you are interested in the application architecture details or the project management strategies, I hope to see you there!

Session Title: Harvard University’s Procure-to-Pay Transformation with Oracle iProcurement
Date/Time: October 6, 2011 10:30am
Location: Moscone West 3024
Session #: 9754

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